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Shenzhen Deleo Technology Co., Ltd. system research and development, production and sales of optical scanning system, developed with scanning characteristics, high precision and high speed, etc.. Company R & D department by 10 years in Germany led the development of the technology of LED Dr. returned composition, developed the camera type three-dimensional optical scanning system with international advanced level, of which a number of projects obtained the Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Award, the Shenzhen Municipal Science and technology project funding. In the field of mold design, reverse engineering, modeling design, human shape measurement and film and television entertainment and other fields with a wide range of applications. Now and the Chinese Academy of leather, Belle, Tianchuang, well-known domestic enterprises cooperation collected foot type data, for matching intelligent shoes, comfortable study, customization! And to ensure professional, timely and thoughtful customer service service.

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With a mobile phone will be able to scan the object

With a mobile phone will be able to scan the object

Since the advent of 3D printers, basically can achieve what you want to print out what desire. But put aside the high price of the 3D printer is an important link that print 3D scanner is usually expensive, so most people miles away. But now,this situation can be changed......

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The future development of 3D scanner

3D scanning and 3D printing technology is far beyond our imagination to speed forward running. When you think them as far in the future when it has come into your life......

Application range of reverse engineering technology

With the development of computer technology, CAD technology has become product designers an important tool in the research and development, the 3D modeling technology has been......

Classification of 3D scanner

Classification of 3D scanner for contact (contact) and non contact type (non-contact), which in turn can be divided into camera 3D scanner (white) and handheld 3D scanner (laser)......

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